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Sicily to Naples

This tour fascinates us every time. Whether it’s in the spring when everything is in full bloom or in October on our way from Napoli to Sicily. The best seasons to fly this region. Little going on and the best thermal conditions on the coast.

It still happens to us often here; we fly all week and don’t meet a single other pilot. Still sleepy in terms of flying, with huge potential. Just the way we like it. With the option of the icing on the cake; a flight on the small island of Vulcano.

In the heart of the boot top,

slumbers a beautiful XC area. An almost obstacle-free valley floor, a top take-off, a wild and beautiful mountain region. The optimal recipe for a day of flying, with the option of evening convergences that let you hover over the valley until sunset.

Surprises not excluded

Often, when there is a strong temperature difference between the land mass and the water, amazingly good thermals can be found on the beach line, over the coastal mountains, or even directly over the water.

But anyway, the flights, with a view of the Aeolian Islands or Sicily, remain in one’s memory.

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Naples to Sicily Autumn

20. - 27. October 2024 Napoli-Sicily
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