Australia Christmas / New Year


22.12.2023 - 07.01.2024
CHF 3'550.00

Fascination Down Under

Who has not long dreamed of discovering the island continent with its versatile flight possibilities and its unique flora and fauna? The contrast between the dry bushland, the lush green of the coastal strip and the dazzling big cities on the Gold Coast could not be greater.

We start our tour in Sydney with the legendary beach spot at Stanwell Park, follow the sun route towards Brisbane to fly the famous XC arena Manilla. On the road, soaking up the Australian “way of life”, we drive to the areas in the state of Victoria around the “alpine town” of Bright.

As always, we will leave part of the itinerary to the wind, the weather and our sense of adventure. All in all, some of the best and most famous XC spots in the world are waiting to be flown by us. Embark on an exciting “road tour ” with the chance of many air miles, the relaxed lifestyle of the Australians, the omnipresent kangaroos and a portion of flexibility and a sense of adventure.

flight instructor

  • Dominic Rohner
    Dominic Rohner
    Flight instructor and owner

    As an experienced flight instructor, passionate XC pilot and globetrotter, Dominic ensures that you are in the right place at the right time thanks to his flying and organizational expertise. He is happy to share his knowledge and experience with everyone.

    SHV Flight Instructor
    Liz. Biplace Pilot
    XC Genius
    Competition pilot

Tour guide
Dominic Rohner

Getting there
Own arrival to Sydney. Flight advice and booking assistance available through Flywithandy. Meeting point in Sydney on 22.12.2023, departure from 07.01.2024 from Sydney.

Combi info
No combinations possible.

Local drives
All trips on site in the rental bus.

Country-typical hotels, lodges and guesthouses, double rooms incl. breakfast. Single rooms are limited.

SHV/DHV Pilot or IPPI 4‭.

Our guides speak English and will be happy to translate any information for you. However, the main language of the tour is usually German.

Included services
Accomodation in double room incl. breakfast, transportation and fuel, retrieve service, provision of live tracking for your safety, support and organization.

Not included
Flight, insurance, possible take-off and landing fees, temporary Australian association membership, dinner.