Fly Safe 1


15. - 20.05.2024
CHF 1'190.00

Training week "Fly Safe"

Flying safely is important to us. Only if we fly safely can we enjoy our hobby with pleasure and stress-free. But what exactly does safe flying mean? From our point of view, it means mastering our glider as well as a forward-looking and tactically clever flying style.

This begins with good preparation and includes choosing a safe route during the flight. This requires a plan and skills in case you find yourself in a critical flight situation. This includes fixing collapses and other canopy malfunctions. In extreme cases, a simple thought pattern must be in place to quickly decide whether to pull the rescue or not.

How do you learn all this? The requirements described for a safe flying style require a holistic approach. We’ll be working on the topic for a whole week. We discuss the theory and practice behavior with increasing escalation levels: 1. Prevention, 2. What to do if the unwanted still happens and 3. When nothing helps anymore.

We cover in detail: Safe flight route selection depending on the weather (leeward, windward, venturi, glide angle, turbulence, washover), off-site landings, cloud flying, material (harness adjustment) and flying techniques (active flying, control technology). To do this, we train various descent maneuvers, how to react to collapses and how to deploy an emergency parachute. To do this, we fly one or two training sessions over the lake.

As usual, we design the program to be flexible, meaning we practice the individual content when the weather conditions are ideal. Every day we focus on a learning goal and deepen it with specific flight assignments. We use the diverse flying sites in Central Switzerland.

flight instructors

  • Dominic Rohner
    Dominic Rohner
    Flight instructor and owner

    As an experienced flight instructor, passionate XC pilot and globetrotter, Dominic ensures that you are in the right place at the right time thanks to his flying and organizational expertise. He is happy to share his knowledge and experience with everyone.

    SHV Flight Instructor
    Liz. Biplace Pilot
    XC Genius
    Competition pilot

  • Ramona Fischer
    Ramona Fischer
    Flight instructor and marketing

    With her easy-going and competent manner, Ramona enriches our team. Full of enthusiasm, the flight instructor, cross-country pilot and Hike&Fly enthusiast devotes herself above all to our training sector and passes on her vast knowledge with great verve.

    SHV Flight Instructor

Tour guide
Dominic Rohner, Andy Flühler, Ramona Fischer.

Getting there
Own arrival.

Combi info
No combinations possible.

Local drives
All local drives in the FlywithAndy bus and rental bus or, if necessary, public transport.

Follow hotel recommendation or camping on site (not included).

Students from 80 flights or SHV/DHV pilot.

Our guides speak English and will be happy to translate any information for you. However, the main language of the tour is usually German.

Included services
Briefings, video analyses, theoretical inputs, motorboat for water rescue, life jacket, anti-G test option, transport and gasoline, support and organization.

Not included
Arrival, overnight stay, food, emergency parachute packing in case of watering, life jacket cartridges in case of watering, insurance.

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