Northern Greece Beginners Camp Thermal/XC 1


21. - 28.07.2024
CHF 2'140.00

Pleasure flying thermals and XC

The best cross-country flying area in Greece is located in the north, protected by high mountains and within the influence of the continental climate. Reliable thermals and near-perfect topography create the ideal terrain here for beautiful thermal flights and creative XC adventures. Thanks to the large difference in height between the take-off and landing area, there is plenty of time for comfortable entry into the first thermal tube.

On this tour we have two main focuses: Firstly, we focus on learning and improving thermal flight skills. We show you how to move optimally in the terrain to find thermals. Then we practice techniques to get the most out of the thermals.

We place a second emphasis on planning and executing carefree cross-country flights.
We provide you with relevant basic theoretical knowledge in easy-to-understand briefings in the morning, after which you draw the perfect thermal circles in the updraft under observation.

As always, the focus is on the fun of flying. At the same time, it is our ambition to improve the flying skills and theoretical understanding of every pilot. If you’ve had enough of thermalling, just stop by the pool and enjoy the Greek hospitality.

flight instructors

  • Andy Flühler
    Andy Flühler
    flight instructor and owner

    Traveling with Andy is an experience. You can always feel the joy of flying with him, discovering new things and experiencing adventures.

    SHV/DHV flight instructor paragliding and delta
    lic. Bi-place pilot
    PPL/UL Pilot

    “Everyone should do what they do best!”

    True to his motto “Everyone should do what they do best!” Andy made his love of travel his profession early on. Andy finds his way around anywhere in the world like no other. His enormous wealth of experience as a pilot, flight instructor (since 1989), tour guide and entrepreneur enables him to quickly identify the needs and wishes of fellow travelers and to look after and support each individual individually. Traveling with Andy is an experience. You can always feel his joy when he discovers something new or strange adventures await him and his group.

  • Dominic Rohner
    Dominic Rohner
    Flight instructor and owner

    As an experienced flight instructor, passionate XC pilot and globetrotter, Dominic ensures that you are in the right place at the right time thanks to his flying and organizational expertise. He is happy to share his knowledge and experience with everyone.

    SHV Flight Instructor
    Liz. Biplace Pilot
    XC Genius
    Competition pilot

Tour guide
Andy Flühler, Verena Siegl

Zurich – Thessaloniki – Zurich or from the appropriate German airport near you.

Combi info
This tour can be combined with the trips listed below. When booking an additional trip, it is booked without the flight. Please deselect arrival option.

Local drives
All local trips in FlywithAndy bus and rental bus.

Country-typical hotel, double room incl. breakfast. Single rooms are limited.

SHV/DHV Pilot or IPPI 4‭.

Our guides speak English and will be happy to translate any information for you. However, the main language of the tour is usually German.

Included services
Flight / airport taxes, accommodation in double room incl. Breakfast, briefings, theoretical input, transport and fuel, retrieve service, provision of live tracking for your safety, support and organization.

Not included
Insurance, dinner.


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