Training Camp Abruzzo 1


05. - 12.10.2024
CHF 1'410.00

Theory, training, fun and good food

There is more than just culinary delights to discover in the Italian provinces of Umbria, Marche and Abruzzo. The Apennines, which run through central Italy, also offer an interesting mix of wild alpine mountains with wide, obstacle-free plateaus, endless meadow slopes and small, spectacular mountain villages.

For us paragliders, this region’s expansive meadow launch sites and flats make it a perfect playground to hone skills in glider control, launching, thermalling, soaring and top landing. Whether you want to get better, have fun with the glider or are looking for an introduction to this subject, everyone will find their challenge here.

In addition to theory, demonstrations and video presentations, we have plenty of time and opportunity for practical application and the flying fun should generally not be neglected.

We are convinced: This trip offers the perfect opportunity to take you a step further as a pilot. Try or perfect your first “Cobra start”, master your glider in all possible positions, practice a safe and relaxed starting technique, or hone your technique. And all of this combined with lots of flying fun in beautiful flying areas and the subtle influence of “dolce vita”!

flight instructors

  • Federico Brown Manzone
    Federico Brown Manzone
    Travel guide and competition pilot

    The Sicilian young talent is exactly on our wavelength in terms of flying and organization. He has supported us for several years on numerous tours in Italy, Portugal and Spain.

    Competition pilot
    Lic. Biplace Pilot

  • Mirjam Hilpert
    Mirjam Hilpert
    Travel guide

    Mirjam has created her life as a traveling aviator in a very short time and fits perfectly into our team.

  • Ramona Fischer
    Ramona Fischer
    Flight instructor and marketing

    With her easy-going and competent manner, Ramona enriches our team. Full of enthusiasm, the flight instructor, cross-country pilot and Hike&Fly enthusiast devotes herself above all to our training sector and passes on her vast knowledge with great verve.

    SHV Flight Instructor

Tour guide
Ramona Fischer, Federico Brown Manzone, Mirjam Hilpert

Getting there
Arrival with our FlywithAndy buses from Switzerland or Oberallgäu, return by train or own arrival and departure. For the return train ride to Switzerland e.g. from Rome a regular ticket costs about 150 CHF, this is not included in the tour price. We will be happy to help you with the booking of train tickets on site.

Combi info
This tour can be combined with the trips listed below.

Local drives
All local trips in FlywithAndy bus and rental bus.

Hotels, double or triple room incl. breakfast. Single rooms are limited.

SHV/DHV Pilot or IPPI 4‭.

Our guides speak English and will be happy to translate any information for you. However, the main language of the tour is usually German.

Included services
Accomodation in double room or 3-bed room incl. breakfast, briefings, video analysis, theory inputs, transportation and fuel, retrieve service, support and organization.

Not included
Insurance, dinner.

Possible combination trips

Training Camp Abruzzo 2
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