Pampa Tour Christmas / New Year


21.12.2024 - 04.01.2025
CHF 2'900.00

Cumuli, XC and Pampa

We pack our winches and move through the endless expanses of the pampas of Uruguay and the north of Argentina. Having flown and traveled extensively in this region, we are sure: it offers everything that makes a pilot’s heart beat faster!

Relaxed XC flying under beautifully shaped cumuli that stretch over an incredible distance, a large number of towing opportunities, consistent XC conditions and endless potential. There are probably few regions in this world that offer such fascinating, wide and flat terrain.

We will again flexibly follow the wind, the good weather and the best flight opportunities. The journey will start and end in the bustling metropolis of Buenos Aires. From there we move through the west or north of Argentina through the beautiful grasslands of Uruguay.

Look forward to an exciting journey, to very hospitable people, good starts on the winch and to our perfect winch team. Bring enough flexibility and a sense of adventure and take off with us.

flight instructor

  • Michael Gebert
    Michael Gebert
    flight instructor and owner

    Thanks to his travel experience, he feels at home anywhere in the world and is still enthusiastic about discovering, experiencing and passing on new things.

    DHV paragliding and delta flight instructor
    lic. Bi-place pilot
    Speed ​​Riding Instructor
    5 times Red Bull X Alps participant

    “Open and curious about new things; For me, this combines paragliding and traveling in the perfect way.”

    Michael started flying when he was 14 years old. Since 1999 he has passed on his enthusiasm as a flight instructor to others. His passion for long-distance travel has taken him to countless places around the world. The wanderlust hasn’t let go of him to this day and keeps driving him to foreign continents. He is happy to pass on his knowledge and experience in an uncomplicated and cheerful manner. With Michael you get into the air in unknown regions. Countries he has flown to include Ethiopia, Tanzania, Nepal, Iceland, Venezuela and Costa Rica. Well-known areas such as Brazil, Portugal or the Alps are also included. His travel experience makes him feel at home anywhere in the world.

Tour guide
Michael Gebert

Getting there
Own arrival to Buenos Aires (Argentina). Meeting point in Buenos Aires on December 21st, 2024. Departure from Buenos Aires in the afternoon from January 4th, 2025. Flight advice and booking assistance available through Flywithandy.

Combi info
No combinations possible.

Local drives
All trips on site in jeeps.

Country-typical hotels in double room incl. breakfast. Single rooms are limited.

SHV/DHV Pilot or IPPI 4, adventurous spirit, flexibility, secure glider control (we would be happy to advise you personally).

Our guides speak English and will be happy to translate any information for you. However, the main language of the tour is usually German.

Included services
Accomodation in double/twin room incl. typical breakfast, all transport and petrol, unlimited retrieval, all winch tows, winch drivers, support and organization, briefings, provision of live tracking for your safety.

Not included
Flight, insurance, dinner.

Sold out!